Monday, 1 October 2012

Tutorial ' Warm Shimmer' - MUA Undressed Palette

Hello everyone, 

Unfortunately my laptop has decided to break just when I had planned lots of posts for this weekend! 
My boyfriend has kindly let me use his laptop so I can put up a post for you! Gotta love him! It's going to be a while until my next post so please bear with me!

Now for the fun part...
This is currently one of my favourite autumn eye make-up looks, I have been loving this as well as brown smokey eyes! 
I have decided to call this look 'Warm shimmer'.

I used the MUA Undressed palette and the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR in '35 - On and on bronze' to create this look.

Eye base

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion (over whole eye area and brown bone).
  • Maybelline Black Kohl eye pencil (over whole eyelid upto the crease. Lighly line the top and bottom lashlines too).
  • Maybelline Colour tattoo (over my eyeliner upto the crease I feel this helps to give a nice base colour to work on) Any brown/bronze cream eye shadow should work!

Eye shadows

After applying my primer and base colour, I used shades 6,5 and 1 from the MUA Undressed palette.
These colours are stunning and I think they are perfect to create make-up looks for autumn and winter!

  1. I used shade 6 over the top of the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow, I think the golden shimmer gives more texture and depth to the look.
  2. Next I used shade 5 which is a light matte brown on my crease and slighly above the crease to blend out any harsh lines. I also applied it underneath my bottom lashes.
  3. Then I used shade 1 underneath my brow as a highlight colour.
(Pictures taken with Canon A3300is)

I kept my cheeks and lips simple by using a warm, peachy blush and nude lipstick. I applied a few coats of my favourite mascara and voila! The look is complete!

What are your favourite make-up looks for autumn? 

If you want try out this look I would love to see how it turned out for you so leave your links below!!

Thanks for reading!

Natasha Carly x
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  1. Really like the warm eyeshadow look! You look super pretty! xx

    1. Thanks Maya! I love created looks for autumn! :) so excited to do more! x

  2. This looks lovely with your skin tone :)
    & I know how you feel on the laptop front! I'm using my fellas one too ;cos mines kaputt!

    1. Thank you! :)
      I hate it when technology fails at crucial times! x

  3. This look is amazing. You have really nice eyebrows(is that a weird thing to say?) x

    1. Thank you very much! I don't think it's weird at all :) x

  4. Gorgoeus look :)

    1. Thank you I'm glad you like it as much as I do! :) x

  5. Beautiful makeup! Love how light, soft and neutral it is with the pow of shimmer!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Thank you! I think this look is great for anyone! x

  6. Such gorgeous colours. It looks great on you.
    Great eye make up :)

    LOVE BO,

  7. Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I've been enjoying wearing this look a lot lately! :) x

  8. This looks gorgeous! I have all of these eye shadows so may have to give this a go! xx

    1. You should! And let me know if you do a post about it so I can take a look! :) x

  9. Looks like a nice look, think I might try it out, I have post on a makeup look with mua's undressed if you haven't seen it :) xx

    1. I have seen it my lovely, it is a great post!:) x

  10. great post! i love that MUA palette

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. make sure you've entered my giveaway to win 30 beauty products inc. essie, EOS and more! it's worldwide too :)

  11. I own the Mua and the UD and i must say the UD is worth forking out for, though the colours are very similar the quality of UD is loads better :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  12. This palette looks lovely! It's so annoying my superdrug doesn't stock any of the palettes, I can't wait till I spot them somewhere else so I can grab one :) x


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