Tuesday, 18 December 2012

INIKA - Review

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

I have now finished all my assessments at university and have come home for Christmas! It has been a while since I last posted as I had so much work to get through.

Today I am going to be reviewing three INIKA Mineral eyeshadows and a skin illuminisor.

(Close-up of illuminisor powder on the skin)

I wasn't overly impressed with the illuminisor, I didn't find it gave my skin a natural glow as I felt it looked far too glittery on my face. I prefer products that are more shimmery than glittery, I did find that the illuminisor worked really well as a highlighter on my brow bones.

  • Apply to the highlight areas of the cheeks, brow bone and temples.
  • Dust over cheekbones and decolletage to enhance complexion and create an all-over healthy glow.
  • Mix Illuminisor with moisturiser for glowing legs and arms.


  • Non-comedogenic
  • Lovely packaging

  • Too glittery
  • Pricey
 Mineral Eye Shadow* (1.2g) £14.50 each
 (Left to right: Coco Motion, Gold Dust, Gunmetal)

I was extremely impressed with these eyeshadows, I have enjoyed experimenting with them and have come up with some really lovely makeup looks.  The colours are highly pigmented, they are easy to apply and they blend beautifully!

Here are the 3 colours I tried out:
Coco Motion a divinely earthy matte brown.  Perfect for creating depth and definition. 
Gold Dust - a pale, shimmery gold. Great as a highlighter or blended with other colours. 
Gunmetal - a metallic silver (with a hint of purple) which looks like mercury when applied wet or over black eyeliner.

  • Pick up a little powder, press the product into the brush, tap off the excess and apply as desired.
  • Create amazing metallic or iridescent looks by layering one colour on top of another.
  • Add water for use as a liquid eyeliner.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Can be used wet or dry to add different textures
  • Multi-purpose can be used as eyeliner as well as eyeshadow
  • Blend well
  • Natural ingredients - suitable for people with sensitive eyes
  • Lasts a long time 
  • Lovely packaging
  • Slightly pricey

Overall I've had a good experience with the products, I think the eye shadows are fantastic and I will definitely be purchasing more of them in the future! I like that all the INIKA mineral products are non-comedogenic, this means they don't clog your pores or cause breakouts! 
These products are slightly pricey but for the quality of the product, I think it is worth it. They are in a similar price range to MAC eye shadows and think they are just as good, they will last me a while too as a little bit goes a long way!

Have you tried any of the INIKA cosmetics?

Natasha Carly x
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*Disclaimer PR sample - My opinions are still 100% honest


  1. thanks for introducing me to this brand!:)

    new follower here!

  2. The eye shadows sound lovely. I'd never heard of the brand, ae they available in shops or just online>? x

    1. I'm not sure if they are available in stores however I've found the INIKA products on the John Lewis website, so perhaps they sell them in store too?! :) x

  3. Love your blog, would love it if you could check out my blog:

  4. It's so bad that i've never heard of this brand before. :(

    Must find me some. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

    1. They do some really lovely things! Definitely check them out! :)
      Thanks for following! x


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