Sunday, 10 June 2012

L'Oreal EverStrong - Fragile/Brittle Hair

Hello everyone,

Today I'm going to talk about the L'Oreal EverStrong hair products for fragile and brittle hair. I fell in love with these products at the end of last month and thought I would share it with you today.

I started to noticed that my hair was feeling much drier throughout the past few months as I had been using quite a lot of heat stylers on my hair. 
I decided to get myself some new hair care products as I don't feel I look after me hair as well as I should do sometimes. I bought the L'Oreal EverStrong Shampoo and Intensive Mask. Most of the time I prefer to use treatment masks instead of conditioner as I only wash my hair 3 times a week so I feel a deep conditioning treatment is what my hair needs the most.

As well as using these products, I have waved goodbye to my hair straighteners and said hello to my natural curly locks! I feel this has made such a difference to the condition of my hair and it seems to have grown quite abit too!


What L'Oreal say:
"EverSleek Reinforcing System: Non-sulphate cleansing for over-processed, fragile hair. Infused with botanical rosemary and juniper oils."  

Shampoo (£5.99):
"Specifically designed for fragile and brittle hair, EverStrong Reinforcing & Vitality is a Reinforcing System that combines non-sulphate cleansing and conditioning care. The formulae are enriched with botanical rosemary and juniper oils. Hair looks shinier, smoother and protected." 

Intensive mask (£6.99):
"Specifically designed for fragile and brittle hair, the EverStrong Nourishing Intense Mask combines reinforcing care with an indulgent conditioning treatment. The formula is enriched with botanical rosemary and mint oils. Hair looks shinier, smoother and protected."

(Pictures taken with iPhone 4s)

What I think:
I love these products, they really are amazing and work very well on my hair.
After just a few washes I notices my hair was feeling much softer with less breakage!
I love the fact they contain no sulphates it makes the product even more appealing!

Have you tried the L'Oreal EverStrong products yet?

Natasha Carly x
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  1. thanks for your comment :) nice blog :)

  2. Great review, I have the same problem with my hair so I'll definitely check these out :)


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  4. whoa thank you for this review!!! the product sounds amazing!!


  5. I love using hairmasks, it feels so pampering :P These products look great x

  6. I seen these in the supermarket today! - Will be buying, once I have run out of my others! - Great post <3

  7. Great review I might have to try it :). xx

    A Scholar Life

  8. Thanks for commenting my blog! my hair is completely frazzled so might give this a go :) xx

  9. What a great review!

    I tried some of the new Loreal range of shampoo's & conditioners, this one sounds like it would suit my hair better though!

    Love your blog, its so pretty and informative! Now following.

    I am fairly new to blogging, hope you can take a look and maybe follow back?

    Laura xx

  10. hello dear,
    great blog
    want to follow each other?


  11. These products look great! I really like your blog! I'm a new follower :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  12. Oooh I may have to try these, my hair isn't in the greatest of condition at the moment!x

  13. I have heard really good things about this product. I should look into it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  14. if you want we can follow each other ?

  15. The products sound great! Haven't seen them here yet. I'll keep an eye out for them. xx

  16. I love trying new hair products! thanks for commenting on my blog! I just followed, follow back?

  17. Ahhhh I really like your blog, keep up the good work :) xxx

  18. Great post! I've been wanting to try products from the L'Oreal Everstrong line


  19. Thanks for your comments guys! :) x

  20. these look great! i definitely need some tlc for my hair atm as iv been trying to grow it for ages and its feeling a bit dry so I think il check these out! iv just started my blog if you could check it out and follow if you like id really appreciate it :) xox


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